Success with Still Point NLP
The best way to learn NLP is to experience it
  • This is a very powerful, practical and experiential course that takes place in a supportive, rich and stimulating learning environment.
  • You can confidently explore how NLP can help you by engaging in an intriguing variety of activities, exercises, discussions and presentations.
  • Because we believe in personalised learning, learning that addresses your specific needs, we have kept the number of participants to no more than 15 to ensure you get the personal attention you truly deserve.
  • It takes understanding, commitment and practice to use your new skills confidently and elegantly, so we provide you with many opportunities to learn by practising the techniques and skills with other participants on the course under the expert guidance of the Still Point NLP’s tutors.
  • You’ll be curious to know that one of the unique and intriguing features of this course is that it has complimentary optional sessions designed to enhance your learning. So look out for Session Five.

A valuable qualification you can build on
  • By taking this Still Point Solution's course you can develop the key attitudes, skills, knowledge and techniques needed to ensure your own personal growth. You will find you are happier, more creative more purposeful, and more able to communicate elegantly with others.
  • If you work in a caring or therapeutic profession, education, or as a consultant in business and industry, you will also be able to use your learning to help others overcome their problems and challenges, and raise their levels of performance in all aspects of their life and work.
  • Upon successful completion of the course, you will be awarded NLP Practitioner status from the Society of NLP - Richard Bandler™. Holding this certification also means that you will be able take further courses in this field and become a Master Practitioner of NLP.

If you are interested in eventually becoming a Certified Trainer of NLP, taking this course is an essential first step.

Participation in this course entitles you to the following bonuses:

1. Membership
As a member of the Still Point NLP family you will receive quality aftercare including email and phone access to the tutors.

2. Still Point NLP Forum
You will have private access to the Forum before, during the period between the course dates, and after the course has finished to share thoughts and successes.

3. Newsletter
We will keep you in touch with what’s happening at Still Point Solutions.

4. Session Five
FREE - you will have the opportunity to take part in Session Five, a series of optional sessions at the end of each day of the course.

The Society of NLP
Successful completion of this course means that you will become a member of the Society of NLP, the oldest and largest NLP organisation in the world.
The Society is the awarding body for your NLP Practitioner certification and it is the Organisation that assures the quality of all of its accredited training programmes.
Still Point Solutions is a certified institute of the Society of NLP. This is your guarantee of quality.