John Carey
John is a Society of NLP licensed Trainer and Master Practitioner of NLP, a qualified hypnotherapist, an accredited Emotional Intelligence Coach, and is a facilitator for The Pacific Institute’s Investment in Excellence Programme. As a teacher, trainer, coach, adviser and consultant, of over 30 years’ experience, John has facilitated the development of many individuals and organisations in the UK and abroad.

“I highly recommend John Carey. He is continually updating his training with the most up-to-date skills I have developed and one of those licensed internationally through the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™”
Richard Bandler, Co-creator of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

The Co-facilitation Team
One of the ways we ensure you receive a personalised learning experience is by having a team of highly skilled co-facilitators who will work with you to ensure you get the most out of your NLP Master Practitioner programme. All facilitators are Society of NLP members licenced at Master Practitioner or Trainer level, and are committed to helping you achieve at the highest level.

“One of the undoubted strengths of this team is its diversity.”
Because each member of the team brings with them a wealth of unique skills, knowledge, understanding and experiences, you will be able to tap into this rich source of informationand expertise as you enjoy state-of-the-art learning opportunities.
Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP is an attitude..
characterised by by a strong sense of curiosity and adventure, tenacity, and an insatiable desire to learn and to apply that learning.

NLP is a methodology..
based on the idea that all behaviour has a structure, and that, because you can identify its structure, you can model it, learn it, teach it, and change it to help you achieve the results you truly desire.

NLP is a technology..
that enables you to organise information and perceptions in ways that are most meaningful and useful to you, and that allows you to achieve the kind of results you previously could only dream of.